Customisation, Craftsmanship & Materials

How can I prove it is one of a kind?
When you purchase a map from Rhapsody in Wood, we provide a “Certificate of Originality” hand signed by our craftsman. This includes the lifetime guarantee on all maps & tables. Each Map is individually numbered, being unique to its own.

How can I customize my order?
The team here at Rhapsody are able to add requests such as a personalised message or even adding special places that are important to you. Small personalisation’s like this are added with no extra charge.

What materials are the maps made of?
The body of the map is made up of sustainably sourced timber and plywood laminations. The laminations are glued together with two pack epoxy resin. The maps are finished with an organic wax sourced from Germany which allows the timbers to breath and the colours to become more vibrant with age.

Can you design and craft a custom map?
The team here at Rhapsody In Wood are always creating new maps and spend an enormous amount of time and effort designing products. We always welcome the opportunity to create new and exciting pieces. Expenses of creating a custom piece differ with size & scale due to the time and resources that are required to design them. A lot of planning and designing is involved, to design and craft our maps to the high level of detail and quality we provide. Please contact our staff at: or 0447 030 198

How do I install my map?
Each map is designed with a two-part aluminium z-section hanging system where one part has been pre-fixed to your map by our craftsmen. The other part is included so you can simply screw this horizontally to the wall of your desired hanging place. Then, carefully lift your map above the wall section and place it down on top, this interlocks the two sections securely together.
The weight of each map varies - check the specification for each product before purchasing.

What type of wood is used to create a Map?
We use 8 different species of timber veneers in our map bodies: Western Australian Jarrah, Aussie Oak, Blackbutt, Walnut, New Guinea Rosewood, Western Red Cedar & White Birch as our sea.
We have a range of border options, which can be seen in the product pages.
Our frames are made of: Western Australian Jarrah & Tasmanian Oak. With smaller maps also having the option of black.