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Can you design and craft a custom map?

In short, our current maps of Australia and the World have taken an enormous amount of time and effort to design and construct, with all the individual places manually entered into the correct coordinates. With this in mind, it's not impossible for the team to design a new area, however, this would be expensive given the time and resources required. It is best to contact us for more information.

How do I install my map?

Each map is designed with a two-part aluminium z-section hanging system where one part has been pre-fixed to your map by our craftsmen. The other part is included so you can simply screw this horizontally to the wall of your desired hanging place. Then, carefully lift your map above the wall section and place it down on top, this interlocks the two sections securely together. 


Will my package be safe in transit?

Our craftsman safely and securely package your map using ample bubble wrap and building a custom size durable wooden box to house it. With smaller maps and items being wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard. It is treated as a "fragile" package when in transit and so you can be assured the freight service provider has diligent handling.

How can i customize my order?

As we make the maps to order we can undertake special requests such as a gift message or even adding some special place that is important to you. Small personalisations like this will be at no extra charge.

What materials are the maps made of?

The body of the map is made up of sustainable sourced timber and plywood laminations. The laminations are glued together with two pack epoxy resin. The maps are finished with a special organic wax sourced from Germany which allows the timbers to breath and the colours to become more vibrant with age.

How can I prove it is one of a kind?

When you purchase a map from Rhapsody in Wood we provide a Certificate of Originality hand signed by our craftsman. This includes the lifetime guarantee.

How do I leave a review?

We want to hear from you. You can contact the team in the "contact us" page and if you want to leave a product review you can do that on the individual product description page.

Are my details safely secured?

Yes. Please find our privacy policy and terms of service in the footer menu at the very bottom of the page to read more. You can also contact us if you require further information.

Can I see a picture of my product before it is shipped?

Yes. We can send a photograph of your purchase before it is shipped to a provided email address. This is helpful for when you're shipping your map as a gift for someone special.

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