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We create unique one of a kind timber maps, furniture and exclusive decor pieces on demand using only sustainable sourced timbers.

We are often told that our maps and other products create enormous interest for guests and make great conversation starters at a dinner party as people gather around the wall hung map or table to swap stories about their travels.

All of our pieces are crafted in our small family owned business in the coastal city of Port Lincoln, South Australia and we are so confident in our quality that each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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    One of our Australian maps


    Each map is exclusively numbered making it one-of-a-kind and collectable. The pieces are made to order so you are able to personalise them with messages, special places or incorporate designs of your choice to make them truly individual.

    Natural Australian timbers are used in all of our work, we make them to last so we can offer you a lifetime guarantee on our entire range of maps and tables.  The maps we produce incorporate 8 different species of timbers into the pieces, no stains are used, the colors are natural and crafted entirely in-house using the processes we have developed.

    To finish, the works are hand sanded and twice waxed using an organic wax specially sourced from Germany.

    We are sure our beautiful pieces will become treasured heirlooms of memories, journeys and experiences to be passed down through generations.

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    One of our Coffee Tables


    Our Range of bespoke wooden map coffee and dining tables was a natural progression from our wall hung map range and showcases the maps now with a hard-wearing clear epoxy finish and a solid hardwood frame of either Tasmanian oak or Western Australian Jarrah.
    The fact that our bespoke products are Australian made and made to order allows us to create you a completely unique and personalised piece that will last for lifetimes and no doubt become a treasured heirloom to be passed down through generations.
    Include a family crest or imbedded message, in fact we welcome discussion on your completely new ideas while you can also dictate the size and scale that suits your room.

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      Custom Maps, Tables, Signs and Art

      Custom Thailand map

      We create custom maps and tables of any where in the world. 

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      Bespoke Works of Art

      If you have anything you would like immortalised in wood then send us a photo and give Ben a call. We will reproduce your treasured image from inlaid timber and engraving for a stunning, eye catching result.

      Or perhaps they have a favourite pet that we can immortalise in wood using just real inlaid timber and engraving.

      The dog below is from a photo sent to us to reproduce. How did we do?

      Portrait of a dog

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      Corporate Gifts and Signage

      If you are a business looking to gift a business associate you can either buy the same old thing off the shelf or instead create something truly meaningful.

      Work with us to create your perfect one of a kind piece.

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      Small Gifts and Souvenirs

      We excel in creating the highest quality meaningful personalised gifts that will be treasured forever.

      Are your parents traveler’s? Then let us personalise a map for them, we can add a message, perhaps in the place they met or a picture of the car or ship that they traveled in, it is really up to your imagination.

      Troupy Personalisation
      If your budget is bigger we can do everything above on a solid timber table. Or for a smaller budget maybe it is a personalised serving board or sign that will make the perfect gift.

      Check out the many happy testimonials of clients that have had us craft gifts for their loved ones.

      How We Make Them

      Precisely cut pieces 

      The Maps

      First comes the computer design work where countless hours are spent drawing each new piece.

      Then after selecting the finest sustainably sourced timber and timber veneers we cut the hundreds of pieces before the hand assembly process takes place.
      This is followed by the lamination process using two pack epoxy glues, the maps will spend around six hours in our custom built vacuum press.

      Once out of the press they are sanded and engraved, sanded again, waxed with a fine imported wax, framed with a solid timber frame which is machined and assembled in house. Now the z section hanging system is attached and they are ready to adorn your home.

      The tables

      The table bases are hand machined and crafted in house by our quality craftsmen using sustainable sourced solid Australian timbers.

      The map in the table top is crafted in almost the same fashion as the above described maps however a solid timber surround is this time fitted flush with the surface of the map.
      Then we flood coat the table top several times with two pack epoxy products before sanding completely flat and applying a finish coat of wax. This all makes for an extremely durable and hardwearing surface that can very easily be polished if scratched after many years of use.

      Due to this very tough epoxy finish we would suggest that these tops would be more durable and hard wearing than any timber table on the market today.


      Materials we Use

       Raw Jarrah timber stock

      It is important to us that we select only sustainable sourced timbers and veneers and to this end all of our timber and veneer is sourced from reputable Australian suppliers.

      All of the timber is kiln dried and we guarantee your map and frame will not warp or crack over time.

      All of the many wood species you see in your finished product will be the natural colours as we never use stain in any of our products.

      The backing of the products is marine grade plywood and the glues that we use are two pack epoxy.

      All products are finished in a high quality wax that is manufactured in Germany. This wax gives the product a beautiful satin finish and allows the wood to oxidise naturally meaning the timbers in your piece will grow in depth of colour and become even more beautiful with age.


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      A Boxed World 3

      Each map is sent to you crated in a wooden box complete with a robust wall mounting system that supports these solid maps that can weigh up to 80kg depending on size.

      With smaller maps and items being wrapped in bubble wrap and come in a cardboard box.

      It is treated as a "fragile" package when in transit and so you can be assured the freight service provider has diligent handling.

      Exported all over the country and the world.

      Shipping Policy

      Owning one

      Add class to your living area

      Once you own one of our visually stunning pieces you can rest easy as there is really no maintenance and the piece enjoys your touch. Any finger marks can be wiped off using just a damp cloth and with no need to use any chemicals to clean it.

      As we use a wax finish you don’t have to keep these products out of the sunlight in fear of them fading. Your piece actually enjoys the sunlight with the wax finish allowing the natural wood underneath to breath and oxidise naturally so that your unique piece will only become richer in colour and even more beautiful over the years.

      You will receive a wooden explanation card with all of the different timbers that are inlaid in your piece inlaid into the card so that you can become familiar with all of the species of timber used.

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        We are overwhelmed by the wonderful testimonials we receive for every map and product we create.

        In a disposable world our clients just love the fact that they now own or have been given a gift that is totally unique and will become a treasured item that will be passed down through generations.

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