Product Materials & Design

Sustainably sourced timbers

We use only completely natural and unstained timbers, including Australian Jarrah, Australian Silky Oak, New Guinea Rosewood, Walnut, Western Red Cedar, Birch and Queensland Black Butt.  

The juxtaposition of the natural wood hues lends to the creation of visually stunning maps with striking contrasts. 

All timbers are sustainably sourced, so you can be confident you are not hurting our precious planet.

Premium wax coating

We use only the highest quality wax finishes to ensure your map will remain in immaculate condition throughout its lifetime and will in fact look better as it ages.

Our Australian partners at Whittle Waxes provide us with a product that microscopically allows your map to breathe. Read on to discover more.


How your masterpiece is created

All of our maps are crafted by firstly cutting each country from separate pieces of real timber. The sea is represented by White Birch as we have found this to shimmer in the light and create a three D effect. Then by carefully selecting contrasting timbers we go about cutting all of the countries from different species ensuring there is a contrast to all neighbouring countries. Some of these timber species include Western Red Cedar, Silky oak ,Australian Oak, Jarrah, New Guinea Rosewood, Blackbutt and Walnut.


Your map is then carefully hand assembled before it goes through a series of lamination processes where it is bonded to a timber backing with epoxy resins to ensure the stability and integrity of the product.
It will spend over 24 hours in a vacuum press ensuring it is perfectly flat.


Now it is ready for engraving. Initially there was literally months of work undertaken in the detailing of the maps and many hours taken in the hand alignment of the sections. Our larger maps take over a full day of engraving time to ensure all the incredible detail is aligned.

Now that it is engraved a final lamination process laminates all of the sections together, this time onto a 6mm or 9mm marine plywood.

After this final lamination they are very carefully hand sanded with the final sand using 400 grit paper ready to go to the finishing room.

Even the wax finish is special and sourced from the master chemist's in Germany. This wax allows the timber to naturally breath and oxidise and as long as there is light the hues of the natural timbers will grow richer, deeper and more crisp with time.

Your map is like a fine wine it will actually look better with age and will not fade like a piece of furniture that is coated in a polyurethane type finish.

Ok now for the frame. All of our frames are solid natural timber. There are no clever sprayed timber look coatings intended to mimic the real thing, instead we simply use the real thing, just solid lengths of real sustainably grown Australian Jarrah or Oak or if you have another preference that we can source we are always happy to do so.

Because its real timber we can screw and secret plug the mitres so that along with the glue we know we have a joint that will not part over the years. This frame also gets two coats of the same German made organic wax.

Then there is the hanging system. Well you may have guessed by now that with all of these layers of timber and solid frames these Maps are seriously heavy. With our largest maps weighing in at around 60 kilo. So to hang them successfully we have a great system that will still allow them to be hung on a gyprock wall without even having to find the studs. The system is a two piece aluminium z section which runs the full length of the artwork and is extremely simple to fix to your wall.


More about your map...

As we make them to order we can personalise them as well. We have sold many as gifts with a small personalised message and often even put some extra detail that is special to the purchasing client.

We are only a three man father and sons team and as we wish to control the quality we don’t intend on employing more craftsmen so you will understand that we can only produce a limited number of these maps a year. If you are thinking of purchasing one for a special occasion please let us know as early as possible.

While we are currently very new and unknown we are keeping up with demand however once we get our heads around the world of marketing and as we believe we are the only team in the world producing maps like this we believe once the word gets out about just how amazing these maps are there maybe longer lead times.

If it is a timeless statement piece you seek. One that defines the meaning of luxury and class then the rich deep hues of these finely detailed timber maps will suit any decor and serve as a conversation starter recounting the stories of places travelled and those you have yet to explore.

Go on spoil yourself you know you deserve it and make that person jealous that believes they have everything.

Quality Standards & Lifetime Guarantee

Having left nothing to chance with our quality materials and craftsmanship, we offer a lifetime warranty with all our products. This warranty includes any cracking, delaminating or shrinkage issues however damage caused through external elements is of course not covered.

One of the things not covered is any changing to the colour of the natural timbers due to exposure to direct sunlight. While we use the very best products to coat the maps, all natural timber tends to darken over long periods of exposure to sunlight.

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