Quality Craftsmanship

“A fine combination of precision technology with quality craftsmanship"
We use a combination of fine engineering and quality craftsmanship to create these magnificent pieces that are the epitome of fine art décor and will become the highlight in your home.
Each piece is exclusively numbered and is crafted entirely in-house using the proprietary processes we have developed, making each piece one-of-a-kind.
We select only sustainably sourced natural timbers to craft our maps. No staining of the timbers is ever undertaken, all timbers remain their natural hues.
Each country is cut from different varieties of timber after which we hand assemble the maps while maintaining contrasting timber colours in adjoining countries.
The maps then undergo a series of laminations to ensure their stability and longevity.
From here the maps are hand sanded ready to be engraved with all the finest detail. They are framed with a solid wooden frame and finished with an all natural wax sourced from Germany. This allows the timbers to oxidise naturally, resulting in maturing timber hues that deepen and become even more enchanting over time.
Each map is sent to you crated in a wooden box complete with a robust wall mounting system that supports these solid maps that can weigh up to 80kg depending on size. With smaller maps and items being wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard. It is treated as a "fragile" package when in transit and so you can be assured the freight service provider has diligent handling.
We offer a lifetime guarantee, and we know our beautiful pieces will become treasured heirlooms of memories, journeys and experiences that are passed down through generations.