One of a kind world map dining room table
World Map Dining Room Table 1190W x 2110L mm (Price On Request)

World Map Dining Room Table 1190W x 2110L mm (Price On Request)

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Epoxy filled natural timber, this magnificent table will seat eight people and is crafted from solid Western Australian Jarrah. All joints are glued using two pack West system Epoxy and the main wooden top is made from all naturally source timbers with each country represented by a different natural timber. Once the map is assembled by hand and has its first lamination it is then engraved with all the extremely fine details before being double laminated onto a further two layers of marine plywood.

The table has been applied with three flood coatings of epoxy to fill the engraving before being painstakingly fared back to become perfectly flat it has then gone through several coats of organic wax sanded with 1200 grit paper between coats to obtain a beautiful deep luster and is great to touch and feel. We believe we have achieved the perfect finish on this table. This table comes with lifetime guarantee.

To date we have only made one of these tables and so believe it is the only one of its kind in the world.

There are three variations of this table available. Pictured is the Epoxy flooded- Engraved variant. You can also have a Waxed (glass top) version with engraving (level of detail) being optional.

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